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Researcher Claims Maundy Should Have Been Two Days Before Good Friday

After years of mystification over the exact day of the Last Supper, a scientist from the Cambridge University has claimed to have got the accurate day of the event. His research uses the Bible, and other historical and astronomical data to prove that Jesus Christ’s Last Supper was on the Wednesday before the crucifixion, and not on Maundy Thursday as has been perceived till date.

In his new book “The Mystery of the Last Supper”, the Professor, Colin Humphreys, says the confusion is due to a calendar mix-up as Jesus followed an old-fashioned Jewish calendar instead of the much widely used lunar calendar. He also claims that a fixed date can be introduced for Easter day.

Jesus had its last supper with his Apostles – Matthew, Mark, and Luke who asserted that the event overlapped with Jewish festival of Passover. The day is called Maundy Thursday commemorating the last supper of Jesus and is followed by Good Friday.

The confusion was created because John announced that the last supper took place before the Passover. The Gospel and science follows two different calendars and hence the reason for mystery.

According to the Jewish calendar, the Passover meal was on Thursday. But the same day coincides with Wednesday in the lunar calendar. The gap between the Last Supper and crucifixion also explains that Jesus’ arrest, questioning and trial took place in a span of 3 days and not in just one night.

Professor Humphreys believes that Easter can be fixed by April 5 according to our modern solar calendar since the crucifixion happened on April 3.

According to this year, Maundy Thursday is on 21st April and Good Friday is on 22nd April.

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