Beverages Like Coffee Or Tea Decreases The Risk of Blood Pressure

It has been reported that the morning drinks like four cup of tea or coffee increases the potential risk of god life by decreasing the threats of escalating blood pressure. As compared to the non -drinker the immunity against the threats of blood pressure is much higher for the heavy drinkers according to the study by a group of French scientists. It has been examined after the thorough study on a higher tea drinker that the lower blood pressure, pulse pressure and heart rate are revealed.

blood pressureFinally the research and thorough study analyzed on 176,437 numbers of drinkers aged between 16 to 95 years suggesting their point of reference based on the questionnaire, how much do they drink for a day. These participants were classified in a group of three according to their rate of consumption from zero to four or more than four of varying intensities,

According to the daily express reports it has been suggested by author Bruno Pannier of Preventive and Clinical Investigations Centre in Paris that it is possible the ingredients contains in tea is flavonoids eventually  reduces the risk of pressure and  relaxes effectively the blood vessel to reduce the risk to a greater amount.

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  1. It’s really great that the tea/coffee will decrease risk of blood pressure. However, the sugar content may increase the ageing process. Please correct if I am wrong.

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