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Rising Uproar on Presidents Mohamed Morsi Rejection of Egyptian Army’s Ultimatum

Presidents Mohamed Morsi rejectionIt has been reported that President Mohamed Morsi has deliberately rejected the dictate of Egyptian army that would eventually force a crisis on political regime as most of his cabinet ministers have accepted the resignations.

It has naturally crippled the paradigm of Egyptian economy and created 48 hrs long deadlines in the multifaceted disciplinary actions created by the Islamist leaders. They were in the streets demanding Morsi’s immediate resignation and forced him to agree with the liberal view points of his rivals party.

They have protested on account of the army general’s manipulation and political diplomacy created by the own military forces and they stood the first references in alienating their prime minister in such severe crisis and dilemma. Members of the Muslim community have created differential terms as ‘coup’ to describe such fallacy in political turmoil. Foreign minister Kamel Amr along with other cabinet ministers and four other ministers of environment, legal affairs, communication and legal affairs, of various roles and responsibilities stood by the mass demonstrations and filed case demanding president’s removal from that prestigious honour. However on the other hand presidential decision confirms that some of the issue cannot be dissolving and would add much more complexity in the national scenarios.

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