Regular Yoga and Meditation Can Boost Energy Level and Brain Functions


Your energy level and brain function can go up to a great extent if you can do mindfulness meditation and Hatha Yoga for 25 minutes on a daily basis. Research has shown that this kind of meditation practiced daily can improve the executive powers of the brain and the person can move more towards a goal directed behavior.

Regular yoga can control the sudden emotional expenses and make your habitual thinking patterns more controlled one. Research says that the things help to focus on the processing power of the brain. It also reduces the processing of unimportant information on a regular basis. With this, a person can choose to focus on his daily needs.

The research was conducted among 31 participants and after that it was observed that they perform much better on daily executive functions and tasks as and when compared to the task of reading. Another interesting part of the story is that Hath Yoga has found to be more powerful than meditation alone. In hath yoga, the participant will have to do physical postures in addition to breathing exercises. Mindfulness meditation has got emotions, observing thoughts and sensations in the body with acceptance and openness.

In today’s world, when more people are suffering from mental anxiety and depression, regular practice of Yoga and meditation are becoming a necessity of the day.

JIT Mukherjii
After completing his MBA in Financial Management, he decided to shift to writing and took it as his full time career. Being the Editor-in-chief of this web magazine, he has got diverse interest in the field of politics and business related matters.

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