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Easter Sunday Arriving Late, But With Easter Egg Hunt Celebrations

This year 2011 will see the Easter Sunday coming very late. In fact, coming of Easter is so late that to some people it is supposed to be the latest Easter in their lifetime. Eastern Sunday happened to come so late last during the year 1943 and in that year, it came on 25th April. The next time Eastern Sunday is expected to come so late will be in the year 2038.

The reasons for Eastern Sunday arriving so late may be explained by some complex physical and mathematical calculations, but those are outside the meaning of common man. What the common man can get to know and understand that sun will rise much earlier during this Easter and the chocolates in the shape of hard boiled eggs will remain in the store for longer time. The sunrise is expected to take place a little before 6 AM this Easter. The annual services will start at 5 AM this year. The worshippers will be able to see the sunrise since the since the service is expected to end after half an hour.

It has been estimated that around 20 percent of annual sales of candies take place during the time of Easter. It is considered to be the second biggest holiday to the Christians. Since the Easter has come late this time, stores expect an increased sales of candies this year.

Since Easter Sunday is coming at the end of April, temperature is expected to be warm and flowers will be blooming.  People are all in a mood to celebrate with Easter egg hunt. For example, in Heaven’s Corner, 385 Quinn Road in West Alexandria there will be Bear Easter Egg Hunt where some eggs will be there with the word “bear” written on them. Kids will have to find these eggs and those who find these eggs will get a big chance to hide eggs in the bear enclosure of the sanctuary. After that the brown bears Wally and Molly will have a scavenger hunt of their own. There will be celebrations of Easter Egg Hunt during this weekend.


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