World Cup Cricket 2011: ICC Thrashes Pawar Over Host Agreement For Ticket Selling Mess

The ICC organizing committee has raised a strong protest to its President Mr. Sharad Pawar over the sale and distribution of tickets in the World Cup Cricket, 2011. In a strong letter written to the organizing committee of the world cup 2011, they have stated to sort out the issue quite fast, or they will have to face serious consequences.

The legal head of ICC has mentioned that the hosts will have to return the money which the fans have purchased online long time back and not getting the tickets due to this mess. In fact, the website which was given the responsibility of handling the tickets online has crashed since yesterday. It has added further chaos to the confusion.

Sharad Pawar is also the President of Mumbai Cricket Association and it has announced that only 4000 tickets will be sold to the general people and balance 27,000 will go to the MCA members and the commercial partners of the World Cup 2011. This decision has further added to the World Cup cricket ticket mess.

People who have purchased the ticket six months ago were promised that they will receive the tickets by courier within first week of February. But none of them have received the ticket and the ICC is flooded with complaints on this regard. The website authorities have claimed that they have not received the ticket from the respective ticket associations on time and so it was not possible for them to send the tickets to the fans.

The matter is supposed to be a gross violation of host agreement which states, “Host shall, at its cost, be responsible for the printing, stamping, and distribution of Gate Tickets and Hospitality Tickets for the Matches subject in each respect to IDI’s approval and Host will exercise strict control at all times (from printing to distribution) to ensure orderly and efficient production and distribution of the Gate Tickets and Hospitality Tickets and security relating to the same, including avoidance of counterfeiting.”

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