Steven Tyler And Jennifer Lopez American Idol Judge

American idol started off their 10th season on January 19th and we all saw Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler as the new set of judges of this famous show on the American television. Viewers are asking many questions about these two judges, though both of them are saying that the show will see the combination of most lovable judges of the last ten years.

Jennifer Lopez said in an interview that she is learning to know more about compassion and she will try to avoid crushing the spirits of the contestants. Steven Tyler, on the other hand, has said that he will also encourage the contestants to a great extent. He will ask the contestants to sing as if nobody else is listening and you are on your own.

As the show started, Steven Tyler seemed to be a more attentive judge as he was seem giving more of constructive criticism to the contestants. Lopez was seen to be giving more of praise than rejection to the participants. But overall, these set of judges seemed to be much kind than the previous lot as they used to laugh at contestants during bad auditions.

But Steven Tyler and J Lo were in a much forgiving mood to the contestants in whom they saw potential. The contestants, this time will be much free to perform in front of the judges. The panel of the duo seemed to be very democratic as they are giving the judgment by making proper consultations.

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