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Bar Council of India Vice Chairman Jailed For Two Weeks By Delhi Court

R Dhanpal Raj, Vice Chairman of Bar Council of India has been sent to two weeks of judicial custody by a Delhi court. He has been alleged of taking bribe from a law college in Ghaziabad for granting affiliation. A huge amount of cash has been received from his home after CBI conducted a raid in his house.

The Bar Council of India vice chairman requested for a ‘A’ class treatment for him at the jail. But the Court has turned down his requests saying that jail has got no such facilities. Incidentally, Raj is a Chennai based advocate and he was kept in police custody till February 25th. CBI has urged the court that there is no need in keeping the person further in police custody as all their interrogation and findings is complete.  He demanded a bribe of Rs 15 lakh for giving affiliation to the law college in Ghaziabad.

RS Rana, another Bar Council of India member, is also co-accused in the case. Rana was also arrested by the CBI on last December. Dhanpal was planning to use the money to buy a plot of land and also for the marriage of his son. The case proves another shocking incident of corruption in India by the lawmakers.

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