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Apple Will Launch iPhone 5 On 4th October

Apple is likely to unveil its latest device, the iPhone 5 on October 4th. This has been reported by AllThingsD, owned by Dow Jones on Wednesday, citing an inside source.The new gadget will be available in the market within few weeks of the formal unveiling of the product.

Tim Cook took over as the new chief executive of California based company in August.

The last chief executive Steve Jobs has been the architect of the Macintosh computer, iPod and iPad.
His undisputed role in taking the company to this height has been acknowledged by one and all. But he has had a series of health-related problems and has been operated for pancreatic cancer in 2004. He also had to undertake liver transplant in 2009.

This has led to his resignation as the CEO of Apple on August 24. His failing has made analysts speculate if Steve, now 56, would make it to the function of the
unveiling of the gadget. His presence, it seems will only be announced on the eve of the event. AllThingsD believes that as the new CEO, Cook will be under much pressure to live up to the
expectation. Apple’s iPhone 4 which was launched on June 2010 has been a huge success and as many as 20.34 have been sold in the last four months.

Similarly, the shares of the company have risen to a record high in recent times. On Wednesday, it
rose by 1.37 percent at $419.13 on Wall Street.

Now it is up to Tim Cook to lead the company to greater heights. In this context, all eyes are on the new gadget of the company. If it is fares well, it will go a long way to consolidate the strong position the company already holds in the market.

It will also tell much about the calibre its new CEO Tim Cook.

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