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Vedanta mining – neglecting tribal rights may increase Maoist influence

Though the Vedanta mining project in Orissa, an eastern state of India, is going to have a devastating effect on the tribes of the region, the Center seemed to have turned a blind eye to the irregularities of the project and the Orissa government was vehemently opposing it.

As per reports published by the website Stockwatch.Com on June 30th, 2010, the initiative by the Vedanta group was supported by none other but the Prime Minister himself. In fact, PM Manmohan Singh took special initiative in the entire approval process.

People opposing the project are of the view that it is going to have a devastating effect on the local Dongria Kondh tribe of that region. The mining, if done there, is going to have a very long lasting bad effect on the forestry and the vegetation of the region. Interestingly, as per reports published in the website Stockwatch.Com, Anil Agarwal controlled group has been condemned in London for various anti-environment issues.

The forest ministry has not agreed to give consent to the project. They have maintained the stance that they cannot give the consent until and unless the rights of the forest dwellers are established. The Vedanta group can expect more trouble as it has been found by the agencies that it has started the expansion of its refinery in Lanjigarh without getting license from the concerned ministry.

The Center seemed to be now serious on the matter as due to such negligence of tribal rights that the Maoists were getting foothold in the eastern part of the country. They are finding it easy to influence the tribal and hence easily increasing their presence in this part of the country.

JIT Mukherjii
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  1. India should respect the welfare of the their tribes. In my country Philippines, we always see to it that the indigenous people are preserved and protected.

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