Concorde Crash Guilty Punished After 10 Years

Though people said that justice delayed is justice denied, a French court has convicted Continental Airlines and one of their mechanics after 10 years for the crash of the Air France Concorde jet killing 109 persons in total. All the 109 passengers on board died from the Concorde crash and remaining four persons on the ground also died.

The judge has ordered the Houston airline to pay Air France a sum of euro 1.08 million ($1.43 million) for destroying the reputation of the airline. In addition to this, he has also imposed a fine of Euro 200,000 ($265,000). Most of the passengers who died on board were German tourists.

Some titanium debris was dropped by the Continental DC 10 on the runway of the Charles de Gaulle airport. When the jet was about to take off, the debris gashed into the tire of Concorde and as a result, small bits of rubber went into the fuel tanks setting a fire. The Concorde crashed into a nearby hotel and in the process, 113 people were killed.

The mechanic named John Taylor and the airline has been asked to pay the amount jointly to the families of the victims of the Concorde crash that shook the world in 2000. Taylor has also been given a 15 months prison sentence in addition to the fine.

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