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African Fashion Turned Heads In Lagos Fashion Week

Lagos Fashion week event saw a new wave of talented, vibrant and enthusiastic army of fashion designers from Nigeria. Unique designs and creative patterns draws extracted with a well research effort draws everyone’s attention towards the Nigerian models on the stage.

Omoyemi Akerele, individual behind the launch of Nigerian talent on international stage has worked hard in bringing the talent through various events such as New York fashion week then Paris Fashion Week and finally an international event. With a focus on elevating the Nigerian fashion designers brand, Akerele is working towards building a Modern Day School of arts which will impart fashion designing, photography, Multimedia courses and web designing courses to upcoming enthusiasts and hone their skills thereby creating a pool of talented and creative designers which can represent Nigerian culture on the world stage along with a an upcoming textile project for Nigerians designers.

Moreover, Akrele believes that fashion designing as an industry have improved a lot in the last 15 years and has opened its doors to fresh and creative minds and expects that in coming years this industry will take a course of organized business hubs which will be interconnected and will be able to provide higher access of training and textiles in designers hand across the world on a single platform.

JIT Mukherjii
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