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Spot The Difference is a wonderful gaming which can be played by downloading it in your iPad or mobile and you can really enjoy playing the game in your spare time. The game is totally free to play and the game can be played on different platform like puzzles and photos, etc.

Each puzzle and photo will have some small differences and you will have to spot the difference in the two photos or puzzles. There will be hints to spot out the differences and each unused hint will give you 500+ points in each puzzle. If you can play the game faster, you will be able to earn more points, because you can earn 100 bonus points for every second that is left to identify the difference. But you will lose points if you make a wrong guess. Spot The Difference game can be downloaded free.

Playing the spot the difference game over the photos is very interesting as there is a huge collection of HD photos of various types of themes which include beaches, cats, dogs, famous locations like New York, San Francisco and good holiday themes like Christmas, Halloween, Thanksgiving and Valentine Day. Another advantage of the game is that you can choose your photo pack and play the game on that pack itself.

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