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In UK Married Couples Will Receive Tax Breaks

David Gauke, the treasury minister has promised to recognise marriage in the tax system and hence provide support for married couples. The treasury minister had written in one of his letters to Tory MPs that the Government will have to recognize marriage inside the tax system and also legislate for this particular issue in the parliament.

David Gauke, Tax BreaksAlthough no particular date has been set-up yet, it is most likely to come into effect from April 2015 that is just before the next elections. This tax break for the married couples is an earnest try on the Ministers behalf to placate all kinds of conservative opponents and traditionalists who have imposed a lot of restriction on Gay marriage and do not approve of it. Therefore, the ministers are trying their best to legalize it and make acceptance for it by the use of tax breaks for the married couples which could be up to a total of 150 pounds per year.

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