Television After Work Is Actually Less Relaxing

Practically a major section of the population retorts to a television set after their day’s business. Interestingly though, this practise is now strongly refuted by scientist, who after studying many cases have concluded that watching TV after work makes the person less relaxed and a sense of guilt consciousness arise in the respective person’s mind. It also gives him a feel of being a failure.

Research analysts at the Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz in Germany and VU University, Amsterdam conducted a study on 471 participants, who were asked how they felt after work or school the previous day and what form of media they had used. Interestingly, the fatigued ones were inclined towards watching TV or playing computer games-a fact strong enough to establish such a conclusion. Watching TV or playing games led them to feel guilty which in turn had less positive effects, leaving them less revitalised and rejuvenated.

Studies conducted earlier rather had the opposite conclusion and firmly stated that using various kinds of media were helpful to detach a person from occupied stress. The latest study strongly contradicts the earlier one and establishes the frailty of various kinds of media. It backs the reason that those who used media for recovery or rejuvenation after a tiresome day, felt like a failure and proved a fact clearly that they had less self-control.

Undoubtedly and quite needless to say the contradictory conclusions of the studies conducted earlier and then will reverberate in the minds of people and will be a hot topic of discussion for quite some time.

On a lighter note, many people had other opinions too. Dr Leonard Reinecke, the author and a research analyst to bring forth this conclusion, opined that now people will better understand that using media can have beneficial effects for people’s well-being, with help of media-induced recovery.


JIT Mukherjii
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