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The Suspect For The Robbery Of Sovereign Bank Is Caught

Finally, the fugitive has been caught and that puts an end to the escape of the man who was in the “most wanted” list for robbing 9 banks in a row. He was also suspected of robbing the Sovereign Bank few weeks ago and the man concerned has been arrested in Queens.

Police are claiming that the accused has his origin in Ukraine and FBI was looking for him for long. FBI has labeled him as “holiday bandit” for his chain of robberies he has been doing since December last year.

The suspect, named as Marat G. Mikhaylich was absconding in the eyes of the police for the past 2 months. The investigators were able to identify him by the photographs they obtained from the C.C cameras. These images were distributed to all the news channels and print media but inspite of all these, Mr.Mikhaylich didn’t stop his activities and he further continued his activities by robbing six other banks.

This Monday, Mikhaylich dashed into the Cathay bank located in Edison, New Jersey, with a handgun and demanded the bank officials the entire cash. He then called up for a cab service to get away from Cathay bank. This is the regular procedure he used to adopt since the time he started robbery the robbery activity in Sovereign Bank, last December.

A cab arrived to Cathay bank and Mikhaylich got into the car, then the driver noticed a handgun in his hand. The terrified driver ran away leaving the car behind. Mr.Mikhaylich drove the car himself and left the place.

The robbing of the car actually helped the investigators to track him down. The car was traced with the help of police department of New York, and the surveillance cameras, which helped them in scanning the license/number plates of all the cars.

Mikhaylich is known to be a heroine user and can be easily identified in a crowd as he stands up to 6 feet 5 inches. With this arrest, the kingpin of bank robberies has finally been brought into the police net.

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