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Let Us Pray For The Toddler Who Was Alone With Dead Mom For Three Days

A toddler at an Australian state is assumed to have spent more than about three days with the dead body of its mother. The incident happened in Wagga Wagga, which is 286 miles southwest of Sydney.

When a priest from the locality discovered the 2year-old baby girl, she was kin and dehydrated condition. As reported by the local newspaper, the woman, who was her mother, was in her mid-thirties. The rescued girl was found in a serious condition and was given the basic treatments on the ambulance itself, by the ambulance officials. Eamonn Purcell, the Ambulance Inspector of Riverina mentioned that the poor kid was looking very pale and lethargic and didn’t seem to display much emotion. She had been admitted to the Wagga-Wagga Base Hospital.

The police and the investigators are unsure about how long the kid had been alone. While the some of the neighbours are saying that it must have been three days, some claim that the mother died five days back.

A mother’s care is extremely important for a child and this little infant cannot even speak properly. How will she survive the world without the support of her mother? Who will comfort her when she will fell hungry? Though the child is in the upkeep of family but will she get a normal life there? Let’s pray for her wellbeing.

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