Sex in later life

Sex in Later Life- A Key To Psychological Stability

Sex in later lifeMany people feel uneasy while talking about sex. However, one must realize it is not a piece of fantasy, instead a great necessity for life. Many people, especially elderly couples regret on the lack of sex in later life. It is understandable that the sexual pleasure or the bodily desire dries up in the later age for many people. But interesting studies do reveal something else.

With ageing, wisdom is what you gain. But for having a strong and stout psychology, sex is very important. Researchers say, that it is the basic determinant that reveals the quality of life in adults. The results are not just assumptions. Recently a study was conducted with as many as 133 participants, the average age of them was somewhere around 74. The participants revealed about their sex life and the ways by which they expressed their sexual behaviors. Even at this age, hugging, kissing, masturbating and even intercourse were the things which fascinated them. The findings hinted to the fact that it is nothing but sex that provides immense psychological stability, irrespective of a spouse or partner. In fact people inclined towards sexual activity remarkably fared well when their psyche was evaluated.

Sex is not something that must be restricted within age boundaries. Instead, it must be encouraged for all. Especially it should be encouraged or rather inculcated among senior citizens. It can even bring back those golden old days, long lost in the sands of time.
The research clearly hints at the positivity of sexual activities in the later age but does not give any indication on whether sex raises the quality of life. With the current findings, we can definitely await assertive results. But, as of now it’s a great message loud and clear to all the elderly people. It is not at all obnoxious to have sex at such an age. Instead, with sex in later life you can be a step ahead psychologically than the present generation.


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