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Man Puts Intimate Pictures Of His Wife On The Internet

What a shameful incident! A man in West Bengal, India recently has been arrested based on the complaints by his wife. The offender recorded some videos of their intimate moments on a cell phone and allegedly uploaded them on the web. His shameless act did not stop there. He even sold the videos in local market by making CDs. Public are buying those illicit CDs madly which eventually came to her view. The similar incident happened in last October in North Bengal which drove a girl to commit suicide due to the tremendous humiliation she was facing right after her boyfriend shot some clear footage of their sexual moments on cell phone and published on internet. The vulgar comments of other fellow students at her college and family members left her in so much of disgrace that she killed herself.

The wife did not even imagine that her video footage was publicly visible on the internet. Her husband Samaresh Swarnakar was 11 years older than her and they got married only last year. Few months ago her husband shot those intimate scenes on his mobile phone and only some days ago she got the shocking news from the members of the locality that her husband had uploaded the video footage online and also selling the video in CDs.

After knowing this Sunita, the wife made a heated discussion with her husband, regarding this shameful act. But her husband denied this entirely putting the blame on Sunita. He blamed her by saying it is only Sunita who made the CDs with the help of some local people who run a cyber cafe.

“We are shocked beyond words. How can a husband do such a thing that will tarnish the image of his wife? It is just unacceptable and unimaginable,” said the woman’s father.

Samaresh, who is a owner of a jewelry shop, has been arrested on Sunday evening. Police have detained his cell phone that he used to record the scenes. The cyber cafe has also been kept under police vigilance and it is now under lock and key. Police is madly searching for Chand Gonai, the owner of the cyber café who was also involved in this illicit act.

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