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What Really Happened?Arnold Schwarzenegger Divorces Wife Maria Shriver

They definitely won’t be back, not after announcing an end to there sometimes turbulent relationship that lasted a whole 25 years. The former Governor of California, Arnold Schwarzenegger or the “Governator” as he was sometimes called and his wife Maria Shriver tied the knot way back in 1986. Since then, they spent 25 years of what the couple said was “a time of great personal and professional transition” for them as per their joint statement issued by the couple right after they split up publicly on Monday.

The announcement put an end to what was always referred to as a fairytale wedding between Maria, who is the niece of an ex U.S. President and the man who was recently hitting Hollywood with some beefy roles in films like “Pumping Iron”. It seemed very unlikely that the two would last particularly as she was brought up in a dynasty of Democrat representatives and he always was a Republican fond of Richard Nixon. Yet they made it work for a long time that is until now. Rumor has it that a lot was going wrong when Arnold ran for Governor and won, as Maria was not keen on him taking up the job.

The couple is still working out the future of their relationship which now centers on their four children Christopher, 13, Patrick, 17, Christina, 19 and Katherine, 21. They said they will still parent their children together. Daniel Ketchell, Arnold’s spokesperson, refused to say anything beyond the statement issued by the couple, so right now it is hard to tell who will get custody of their kids.


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