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Apple Announces Digital Textbook Service iBooks2

Apple today announced the launch of a new digital textbook service known as iBooks2. The main aim of the company is to revitalize the US education market and that may lead to the fast adaption of the market leading iPad.

Apple was working with the renowned publishers Pearson PLC, McGraw-Hill and Houghton Muffin Harcourt on the launch of their digital textbooks service. These three publishers are responsible for 90% of textbooks which are sold in the United States market.


Interestingly, and other device manufacturers have made great inroads into the estimated $8 billion market for electronic textbooks. At the launching event, Apple authorities showed the different tools which can be used to make digital textbooks and showed how the authors and also the teachers can make various educational books for their students.

Apple authorities feel that it is the right time to reinvent the text books market and said that around 1.5 million iPads are now used in education in the US market.

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