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Being Absent, Salman Rushdie Steals The Show At Jaipur Literature Festival

The altercation and tiff of words at the Jaipur Literature festival created by forestalling the visit of renowned author Salman Rushdie is seeing new development with each passing day. Now the authors who read aloud portions of the banned book Satanic Verses have been isolated.

Festival Producer in an interview to has upheld democratic freedom of speech but within the laid down rules. He claimed that these authors did not break the rule. Their act cannot be labeled to any sort of discussion and debate. Moreover no formal permission was taken to include the banned book delivery.

Later when the error of action was highlighted these authors admitted to error committed by them and the crisis was resolved. It is not that work of Salman Rushdie is banned but certain portions of this particular book which offended certain portion of the population has not been resolved even after so many years. It is for this reason it has to be kept away from such gatherings.

Established authors like Hari Kunzru and Amitava Kumar did the book reading of the banned book as a mark of protest for Rushdie not been granted permission to come for the Jaipur literature festival event. Later in the day author Ruchir Joshi and poet Jeet Thayil followed the example and read aloud the book portions. The organizers stopped such interactions. Salman Rushdie tweeted a thank you note. However some writers blamed politicians for this unfair treatment.


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