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Italian PM Berlusconi Paid Many Women to Have Sex With Him

Investigations have revealed that the Italian PM Berlusconi paid many women to have sex with him in the different parties which he hosted in the year 2010. The prosecutors have stated that they have got many evidence to prove that Berlusconi gave away flats to the women in return for having sex in a good housing complex which he made in the decade of the 70’s before he entered politics.

An investigation is already going on against Berlusconi for doing sex with a belly dancer named Ruby Rubacuori, when she was 17 years old. Doing sex with a minor is not permissible under the Italian law. Ruby has been arrested in last May because of a complaint of theft. In fact, Berlusconi has also been accused of creating pressure on the police to release Ruby from custody.

The prosecutors have sent a detailed report to the Parliament and are waiting for the permission to raid the different offices of the PM in Milan and question the accountants about making payments to the different women.

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