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Reliance Of U.S. On Saudi Arab Oil Increases

Of late, it has been seen that United States has increased its reliance of Saudi Arab for oil. Although the escalation in the import rate of U.S had been noticed since the former summer, the pronouncement has been observed this year when the growth mark crossed 20%. The clashes due to the nuclear strategies of Iran is the main reason that U.S. not only drifted its imports from Iran and tightened its sanctions over Iran’s stratagems on oil selling but also requested Saudi Arab to produce more. The incremented oil manufacture of Saudi has responsibly kept the market price of the oil quite stable.

Even though Saudi was acknowledged by numerous European governments and Washington, its internal challenges such as death of royal senior members and denominational strife have bothered the political as well as energy stabilities of the country.

U.S. has had stable political alliance with Saudi Arab leadership which have successfully lasted over decades. This relation got additionally pivotal at the time of Arab spring and increasing hostilities with Iran concerning nuclear programs (Iran and Saudi Arabia happens to be acrimonious regional rivals).

Even though U.S. understands the importance of lowering its reliance on imported oil, it is not being able to do so.

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