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Californian Government Enthuses Ban Over Sexting

The fashion of sexting (sending sexually explicit messages or video images) has come on the radar of Californian government forcing senators to pass a bill in legislature, allowing school officials to expel students for the same.
According to Ted Lieu, senator, the Torrance Democrat, the bill is forced to put into action witnessing the growing problem of Sexting in California schools. He further quoted that it has been clearly depicted by the study made on teens, revealing that 30 percents of the youths in California are caught red handed for posting or sending nude pictures and video images of
themselves by school teachers.
It has been revealed further that, if the Lieu’s bill – SB 919 is successfully passed then it would be a great amendment to the Interagency School Safety Demonstration Act of 1985. By doing this the teachers would get the right to confiscate the so called cellphones or mobile devices of the students indulging in sexting or sex crime.
The move taken by the California State Legislature has gained hands of applause from parents and school authorities making them relieved from keeping a strict check over the children, what exactly they do or do not do with their cell phones.
It is to mention that children booked under this act should be liable to imprisonment of five to twenty years. Once a child is convicted under this sex crime his life becomes totally restricted and he cannot move out of the country without the permission of the parole government.
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