The Reason Behind Hot Yana Gupta Without Underwear Pictures

Item girl Yana Gupta was photographed without her panties when she appeared in a public charity show program recently. Generally, people would have been embarrassed or shocked to let the people know about her “underworld” secrets. But when asked, the actress was quite bold to say that she was neither shocked nor embarrassed. She is happy to know that people are looking for hot Yana Gupta without underwear pictures.

She said that previously she used to be known as an item girl. From now onwards, she will be known as a no panty girl or hot Yana Gupta without underwear. Explaining the incident, Yana Gupta said that for the last three weeks she was busy rehearsing with a television dance show. There she has to do various crazy dance moves and time and again, her panties got struck into her ass. So, it was being difficult to adjust ‘herself’ after every step was quite irritating. So, she decided to do the rehearsal without the panties.

On the day of the charity event, she did not get any time to go to home for a change and hence was spotted at the show without the panties. There the paparazzi left no chance of shooting her assets while she was coming out of the car. So instead of promoting the charity, hot Yana Gupta without underwear pictures became the talk of the day. Is she enjoying the huge media attention?

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