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Devastating Cyclone Nilam Leaves 25 Dead And Evacuates 80,000 people

The Cyclone Nilam managed to take the life of almost 25 people as per latest news from Visakhapatnam. This devastating flood completely swept away the coastal areas of the state of Andhra Pradesh. All this happened due to the heavy rain carried down by the northeast monsoon along with complete participation of cyclone Nilam with it. Three more addition in the number of deaths was reported today.

The most affected villages by this cyclone include Srikakulam, Visakhapatnam, Krishna, and Guntur. The rescue team evacuated around 80,000 people. 2.5 hectare farmlands are reported to be under water making a complete destruction of the agricultural livelihood of the state. The Schools remain closed so that the kids can stay away from the chances of danger. The transportation system is in a total mess and more than 14 trains were cancelled. The rescue team is working hard to bring the condition to a normal position.

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