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Walmart Thanksgiving Hours Extended As Stores Open On Thanksgiving 2010

It is good news for the economy that the stores will remain open for thanksgiving 2010 and they are expecting to do better business this time than the previous year. The National Retail federation has forecasted that there will be 2% increase in shopping this year than the previous one. Last year, the sales were quite sluggish since the worst hit recession was hitting the society at that time of the year.This year also, people are predicting that Americans will buy only the necessary items. So, people are trying to find out which store is giving the best possible deal.

The store Sears will open their shutters on Thanksgiving Day 2010 at 7 am and will close at noon to reopen again at 4pm on the Black Friday 2010 and is expected to close at 9PM. Toys R Us will open at 10pm night and will continue to remain open for the next 24 hours to absorb the Black Friday 2010 sales jump and will close at 10 PM the following day.

best buy thanksgiving sale 2010 ,walmart thanksgiving sale 2010,Walmart thanksgiving hours have also been extended and they will remain open for 24 hours on the Thanksgiving Day 2010 till midnight. From the midnight of 26th November, Walmart thanksgiving hours will be over and they will start sale of Black Friday 2010. The sale for black Friday 2010 will continue for the next 24 hours and will close on the midnight of 27th November.

Other stores that will remain open on Thanksgiving 2010 include Kmart (open at 9 PM and on Black Friday, 2010 will open at 5 am), Old Navy Stores (open at 8 am), Banana Republic (open at 9 am) and Gap at 1.00 pm. Hope stores open for Thanksgiving 2010 will be able to do better business than previous year this time.

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