Sky Nellor On The Lookout For Mr. Right Man

When a successful bachelor goes on to find a suitable bride, it is not a problem. But when a successful lady tries to find out the perfect match for self, the matter really takes a tough turn. That has exactly happened to Sky Nellor, the all successful lady DJ, model and talk show host. Now this young lady is coming on television to find the Mr. Right for her.

The cameras will now follow Sky Nellor wherever she goes to find the Mr. Right for self. Her lifestyle is not at all conducive to have babies and led a happy married life. So, finding the right man who needs to be at least equally successful like her is going to be a real difficult task. Sky Nellor has tried her luck with many Right Men before, but the matters did not proceed much since their chemistry did not work out to be too well.

So, viewers are eagerly waiting to see a new man and some babies in the life of Sky Nellor. That will really make the life of this gorgeous model a complete one.

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