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Pros & Cons Of Windows 8 Operating System

After going through a hard phase with Windows Vista, Microsoft now announces their upcoming Windows 8 operating system which won’t require clients to buy a new PC.

Microsoft executive Michael Angiulo claims, the company have further extended the development that it started with Windows 7, to keep the system requirements either simple or reducing them over time. So we can expect that Windows 8 will be capable to operate a wide array of machines since it will have the same system requirements or lower as Windows 7. Michael also demonstrated the new software at a press event which was held in Taipei on Thursday.

The Microsoft executive further explained, “Another thing we did is build intelligence into Windows 8 to adapt the user interface based on what hardware you have. So whether you’re upgrading or buying a new PC, Windows will adapt itself for your hardware.”

Windows 8 operating system

The Pros:

The new OS will be touch-enabled, hence people having touch screen devices will get the benefits of the new OS. It can function with a variety of sensors to detect motion and proximity, and those will not be available in existing PCs.

Moreover, the new OS will be coming with a fresh new user interface with large colored icons. These icons are quite similar to that of Windows Phone 7. Users can easily navigate using a mouse and a keyboard. Using the page up and page down buttons users will be able to move through the application tiles displayed on the screen. It takes a single click of a mouse click to open the applications, while the Windows shortcut key on a keyboard will help users to navigate back to the desktop.

Microsoft executive elaborately explains how the operating system will be functional on existing PCs, as well as in Samsung Series 9 laptop and an L Series Sony Vaio.

The Cons:

But besides the fact that the new OS is bringing much more superior enhancement, the buyer may get reluctant to go for it. The upcoming Windows 8 includes certain features that won’t function with existing hardware. Therefore if someone wants to grab the full benefits of this upgrade, he will have to purchase a whole new computer which may seem too expensive to lots of users. This may hurt Microsoft’s business.

Microsoft previously got a lesson about system requirements with Vista. Several PCs during the launch of Vista weren’t compatible with this OS properly. People gave very miserable feedback with the software at that time which turned it to be the most unpopular OS in Microsoft’s record. The company certainly won’t repeat the mistake again.


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