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Is Technology A Solution Or A Rising Bubble For Students?

It has been observed that technology is changing the lifestyles of students at various stages. A larger exposure of digital technology in the form of media, television, ipad, mobile phones and various electronic gadgets have affected the attention spans of the students. Hence, teachers are finding it extremely difficult to resonate with the pace of students thereby grabbing their attention.

The above mentioned conclusion is on the basis of research done at recognized research firms based on subjective feedbacks from various teachers. A higher use of technology by the growing numbers of students is resulting in varied behaviors and the way the information is being processed due to which the student’s capability to focus has reduced to some extent as nowadays constant use of internet with Google and Wikipedia has limited the scope and reach of information at fingertips thereby decreasing the creative abilities of the students at large. At this stage, it becomes utmost important for teachers to grasp the attention and pace of students in order to enhance their learning capabilities.

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