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Apple Sets To Launch iPad In India By End Of January

So finally Apple declares to launch its iPad device in India. When all Apple iPad admirers in India almost lost the hope to get this high end gadget right on their palm, this announcement must have brought their smile back on their face again. A popular news paper reported, the iPad will hit the Indian stores on January 28th, which means only four days are left away from today.
At present only premium retailers of Apple.Inc can sell the device in India.

According to The report, the Wi-Fi version of iPad will be available at the price of Rs. 26,000 onwards. The 3G+Wi-Fi version will be available at Rs.33,000. The maximum price has been set for the device at Rs. 44,000. The price will differ according to the capacity of the device which comes in three variations, 16GB, 32GB and 64GB.

The iPad doesn’t need an introduction. Every gadget freak in India nowadays is familiar with this latest innovation by Apple.Inc. But people are a little disappointed since Apple launched iPad in India while its next generation iPad is planned to be released in US three months away from now. It means we won’t get the latest version iPad very soon.

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