Increase In Job Losses Leading To More Heart Attacks

In the period of recession it is most commonly noticed that every alternative day people are losing their jobs leading to the occurrence of myocardial infarction. A sudden increase in the number of people suffering due to myocardial infarction has been seen and a recent cohort study on large scale confirmed about this.

But still it has also been noticed that the risk from myocardial infarction is in a decreasing trend when the joblessness last for a period which is almost more than a year or so. The risk which is associated with myocardial infarction is seen especially among the individuals who faced job losses in multiple numbers in a follow up period of almost 20 years.

A recent research revealed the fact that involuntary unemployment which ranges for a period of four or more years , then the risk of myocardial infarction was 1.63 (95% CI 1.29 to 2.07) in comparison to those people not facing job loss situations. But this study was highly limited due to lack of proper information and data

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