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Bad Weather May Delay NASA Space Shuttle Launch

At around 11.26 ET today, there is going to be another space shuttle launch in America and people are very much eager to see the space shuttle launch live. If there is no problem with the weather today, space shuttle named Atlantis is all set to go for the final mission of the space shuttle program of NASA.

After the space shuttle launch is complete, Atlantis will go for a 12 day mission as per schedule. The space shuttle will carry four astronauts in this mission. This is only two less than the usual mission strength of six or seven.

As per the plans of action planned for Atlantis, it is expected to make a visit to the International Space Station and drop off around 9500 supplies and spare parts. It is also supposed to conduct an experiment to test the new refueling and the repair technology which are needed by the satellites moving around in the orbit.

Weather forecasts are not very much in favor of the space shuttle launch as there may be showers and thunderstorms in the area from the shuttle is going to be launched. NASA authorities have said that there may be a delay of 70%. If the space shuttle launch gets cancelled today, NASA may launch it again on Saturday or Sunday. Space shuttle Endeavour would have been the last aircraft launch in space shuttle launch program of NASA, but only another one got approved in October 2010.

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