Audiologist-The Least Stressful Job

The popular conception goes that if you are a doctor or in someway employed in the medical field, it is likely that you have a busy schedule like no one else. These people are presumed to have no time for themselves because they have to see patients all the time.

Strangely enough, a new report based on a survey proved that more than half of the less tiring jobs involving minimal pressure is in the sector of health care. While audiologist, people who are involved in analysing and curing hearing disorders head the list, the rest of the people who actually have it easy comprise the likes of dentalhygienist, dietician, chiropractor and occupational therapist.

On the contrary, the survey also showed the jobs which are of maximum pressure and stress. This list shows media jobs and jobs in the communication sector as the most stressful career of all. Stockbrokers and architects are also enlisted to be quite a tiring job. In case of a separate enlisting of blue-collar jobs, firefighters and taxi drivers seemed to have a tough time while people like bookbinders and musical instrument repairs had it easier. The deductions were made based on a survey conducted by TonyLee’s published site

Two hundred kinds of different jobs were assessedin terms of factors like risk, working conditions and stress evoking situations. Whileconducting the survey they incorporated information and statistics from the U.S.Bureau of Labour Statistics and Trade Associations too.

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