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Image Of 9/11 Captured From Space By US Astronaut

Frank Culbertson, an astronaut from USA has shared the images of 9/11 attacks which he captured while staying at the International Space Station (ISS). The space station is one hundred and fifty miles away from this planet.
He was at the space station from 12th August to 15th December, 2001. Two other Russian astronauts were also with him at the time of the 9/11 attack. They also witnessed the attack on Afghanistan by the US forces after a month later.

But on that day of 9/11, they could see images coming out of the New York City. Immediately, he got in touch with the mission control and he was informed that two planes have dashed into the twin towers of World Trade Center and another one has gone into the Pentagon.

He also said that it was very easy to spot Afghanistan from space as it was mostly dark country due to non-accessibility of the power. On the other hand, the neighboring countries were seen to be brightly lit as they had the oil money. Sitting from the space station and watching the 9/11 attacks, he started thinking that the event is surely going to change the world politics.  Being an ex navy pilot, he could easily understand that bombs are being dropped on Afghanistan from US war planes.

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