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Parents Concerned With Free Availability Of Condoms To Eleven Year Kids

Gennext kids are definitely a step ahead than the present generations. But parents are finding it difficult to grasp that children, as young as eleven years old, are having sex and they do not see free availability of condoms from the health department of Philadelphia as a welcome step.

The launch of a new program,, by the Philadelphia’s Health Department is attracting awe and shock from the parents. The website offers information on how teens can take control of their sexual lives by having protected sex. It also provides information on how to use condoms in the right manner, knowledge on STDs, and risks of having unprotected sex.

Although sex education is taught even in schools, what makes the initiative an issue is that kids in the age group of 11-19 can order condoms at no cost. The site argues that kids in this age group discuss about sex among themselves and are vulnerable to having unprotected sex due to lack of appropriate knowledge.

The website claims that it is always better to play safe as far as the matter of sex is concerned. “It’s better to play it safe. The website claims that ordering the condoms is an easy alternative for kids who are shy and may not approach any other medical shop for picking up a condom.

Donald Schwarz, the City Health Commissioner, justified the move by saying that if the condoms are available free, then it can make up the lack of infrastructure and fix up the problem of unsafe sex to a great extent at the early age.

The facts underlying the case will determine the extent to which the move can bring a positive change to the society. However, what’s wrong with making condoms available for free?

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