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Jaswant Singh May Quit BJP Tomorrow, Upset

Veteran leader and senior member of the BJP, Mr. Jaswant Singh was denied the ticket to contest in the Lok Sabha polls from the constituency of Barmer in Rajasthan. As a protest, he is very upset with the party leadership and may quit the party tomorrow and file nomination as an Independent. Instead, the party has decided to rely on Col Sonaram Choudhary in that constituency, It goes beyond say that such an incident can easily aggravate the rift in the party as Singh is very close to L.K Advani, a leader who has given his entire life to the party.

Earlier the previous day, L.K Advani was rather forced to contest from Gandhinagar seat in Gujarat, against all his wishes to fight from Bhopal. According to the sources, Singh had made known his desire to party President Rajnath Singh and even urged to grant him so as it was his last election that he will contest.

Speculation did ran that Jaswant Singh may contest independent at such a treatment from the party high command. The State BJP leadership is of the view that he was not very active in BJP activities in the state of Gujarat. They are also thinking of encouraging young faces to take over the leadership of the party in the future.

Singh’s son Manavendra, is a BJP MLA from Rajasthan. He himself is a MP from Darjeeling constituency. However in view of his growing age he has planned to call a quit in terms of contesting elections after the 2014 Lok Sabha polls and so he aspired to contest his last elections from his hometown constituency of Barmer, in Rajasthan.

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