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Nevada Election Results 2010 Sees Harry Reid As The Winner

Nevada election results 2010 have finally been announced and it saw Democrat Harry Reid winning over the Republican Sharron Angle. This is also a blow to the Tea party as many of the tea party supported candidates were winning the elections during the recent times.

Harry Reid was the Senate majority leader since 2007 and he was under constant attack from the Republicans claiming that he was going soft on illegal aliens. The aggressive campaign did some effects as Reid has been able to win this time by a small margin. But Angle also made some mistakes during the campaign, claiming that two American towns were ruled by Islamic Law. Incidentally, those two American towns do not exist at all.

But none of the candidates were been able to convince the voters of the province that they can solve the severe economic crisis of the state. At present, the state is having the highest unemployment rate in the country and a falling real estate. Since the society is passing through a time of uncertainty, voters have preferred to choose the Senator they already know for years and this has been quite clear in the Nevada election results 2010. The Tea Party candidates will also have to rethink their election strategy after facing a defeat in Nevada election results 2010 is declared.

JIT Mukherjii
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  1. Incredible, that is just what I was hunting for! Your post just spared me alot of searching around

    I’ll make certain to put this in good use!

  2. They say JUSTICE is BLIND, but only when it pertains to the Dem’s. Everyone else has to pay the penalty for their crimes! How sad it is that the people that govern this Nation can be so corrupt and be convicted and no punishment is really given.

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