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Where Have William and Kate Middleton Headed For Honeymoon?

After the tragic ending to the history of Princess Diana, the nuptial knot uniting Prince William and Kate seems mark a new beginning for the royal family of Britain. Kate and William took a wine coloured helicopter that was waiting near Buckingham Palace to fly them out to their short weekend getaway after which Prince William will return to his job of a rescue and search pilot on Monday.

There has been no end to the speculation over which is going to be the honeymoon spot. From Seychelles and Australia to the Greek island of Corfu and Caribbean island of Mustique all these have been considered as suggestions and favourites for honeymoon spots of the couple.

However, it has been pre-decided not to reveal the destination of the royal couple’s honeymoon in advance. The speculation over the honeymoon destination simply reflects the pressure that the forthcoming King and Queen of England will have to face as they ascend the throne after Prince Charles.

Three billion people across the world observed the marriage held at London’s Westminster Abbey. The whole country watched in awe as a commoner married the prince after almost 350 years. The entire wedding ceremony culminated as the prince drove his bride out in the Ashton Martin from the Buckingham Palace to St. James Palace.

The lavish reception of the evening hosted by Prince Charles did not make way for a lavish honeymoon right after. On Saturday morning, the couple flew out in a helicopter for a weekend getaway or a short honeymoon, which has been kept as a secret like Kate’s wedding dress.


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