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National Prayer Day: Do We Still Believe In A Prayer?

Without a face or a form to believe in, where does the significance of a prayer lie? They say “Seeing is Believing”, so does that mean that since we cannot see the greater power, that power doesn’t exist. In a nation fast running out of faith, what is the significance of a National Prayer Day? If you ask the people around you most people would say that it means very little while few will vehemently defend it.

National Prayer Day as celebrated by USA on 5th May this year was initially proposed by President Harry Truman. The day came to be the first Thursday of May as designated by President Reagan in 1988. In mid 2006 President Barack Obama called America “no longer a Christian Nation”. His view was supported by facts from CNN reports claiming that Christianity has lost out on numbers of believers, yet the same facts also stated that it was a rejection of religion itself that was to blame.

America looks for a sense of commitment in their leaders when it comes to Christianity. While presidents prior to Obama have always been known to have faith in the Christ and his ways though they have never been that urged to wear it on their sleeves, it can be disheartening to see that the man who leads the country has no faith himself. If he leads then why shouldn’t others follow? No.

Believe in what you want to believe not because someone questions its existence as you cannot see it. You can’t see air but feel its presence. Feel faith and you will believe that it has reasons to live inside you. Air gives life and so does Faith. A prayer is but a way of knowing you believe. So show some belief to celebrate the National Prayer Day and do not distance yourself from it just because someone else wishes to.




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