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Samsung Galaxy S II Release In Canada On July 14: US Release Date Unconfirmed

The Samsung Galaxy S II Android smartphone crosses the company’s all-time sales records by reaching a smashing hit with more than three million units sold. Samsung officials say that the record sales figure has been attained within first 55 days of the release of this device. That’s all of 30 days quicker than the original Galaxy S smartphone was able to reach a similar milestone.

But here is a bad news too. The Samsung lovers who are eagerly waiting to grab their much coveted Galaxy S II or a rebranded version of the phone will have to buy this along with a U.S. carrier.

According to Samsung, a single handset of Galaxy S II is sold every 1.5 seconds since the phone’s April launch, and the smartphone has been able to penetrate European markets quite impressively. Samsung Electronics was at the top of the U.K.’s mobile phone sales charts for 17 weeks, and the Galaxy S II jumped to third and fourth position for smartphone sales within Switzerland  and Austria respectively, soon after its launch. The Galaxy S II now holds a 36 percent market share in Switzerland and 30 percent market share in Austria.

For American consumers looking to import this hot item, you might be able to save a little bit on fees due to the imminent release of the Galaxy S II in Canada. Reports indicate that the smartphone is scheduled to hit stores July 14 in the great white north, supported by carriers Bell, SaskTel, and Virgin Mobile–for right now, at least.

While buzzes have been moving around regarding the Galaxy S II’s arrival in America, trying to find out some expected release date has been difficult. A source suggests that Sprint’s renamed Galaxy S II, the Galaxy Within, will hit the stores around late July. A previous report that predicts Verizon to launch Galaxy S II (renamed the Galaxy Function) during July was later confirms to be wrong.  So at present we are not sure that exactly when the carrier will bring the device to US market. And while we have many doubts that the phrase, “Galaxy Attain” will be a part of the title of AT&T’s variant, there’s been no confirmation as regards the smartphone’s release on that carrier.

But one thing we can easily predict that soon after its American launch, Samsung will easily sky rocket even closer to its overall aim to reach 10 million Galaxy S II smartphones sold.


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