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Kate Middleton’s Parents To Spend Generously For Daughter’s Royal Wedding

The royal wedding of Prince Williams and Kate Middleton is all set for April 29th and Kate’s parents are leaving no stone unturned to make it a memorable one. They are planning to spend a whopping 100,000 pounds for the marriage expenses.

The marriage will be attended by around 2000 guests and will be watched in anticipation by the global audience. The much awaited wedding will include expenses like bridal gowns, hotel bills, bride maids’ gowns, and the honeymoon among others. So Kate’s parents have decided to contribute to the cost of wedding by paying for the evening reception hosted by Prince Charles, the marriage expenses, etc. The exact contribution is still guarded as a private matter.

The suites at the Goring Hotel, Belgravia is expected to cross 20,000 pounds as each two-bedroom costs 4,000 pounds and one room costs about 1,140 pounds. Carole and Michael Middleton, parents of Kate Middleton are expected to book five two-bedroom suites for Kate, and her sister Pippa who will be the maid of honour. They will also book one-room suites for Carole and Michael, son James, and for other close relatives and friends.

They will purchase Kate’s bridal gowns for 30,000 pounds and Pippa’s bride maid dress for 20,000 approximately.

Other costs for the wedding will be borne by Prince Charles and a royal lunchtime reception will be hosted by the Queen.

The royal family has always had lavish weddings as Prince Charles’ first marriage to Lady Diana in 1981 cost around 30 million pounds and his second wedding to Camilla Parker Bowles cost 5 million pounds.

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