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Japan Earthquake Again – This Time South West Tokyo

May be to shatter the confidence of the nation, another major earthquake of magnitude 6 on the Richtor scale was held in Japan at 10.30 PM local time. The city of Tokyo faced a huge tremor as people felt that the nuclear radiations must be reaching the city.

The earthquake today struck at 10.30 PM local time when Tokyo residents start feeling a massive tremor. The earthquake struck the Shizuoka-ken- Tobu region, which is only 10 miles from the city of Tokyo. Many street lights in the city of Tokyo has been put off.

People came out of their house and started running towards each other on the street just to save themselves from another earthquake. People staying in Japanese towns and cities are now asking, “In which city of Japan we can stay peacefully?” Though people have been said that they are absolutely safe from the radiations generated from the nuclear plant, but still many residents are being seeing fleeing the city.

Many stores in Tokyo are running short of candles, flashlights, fuel cans and minor kits for survival. This earthquake has hit the confidence of the people of Japan to a great extent. Residents really got feared when they felt a massive tremor in the city of Tokyo, the capital city of Japan.

Meanwhile many international flights like Lufthansa have announced the diversion of flight from Tokyo. So, people planning to go to Japan must take this advance information from the airline booking counter.





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