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What Were Kasab’s Last Words?

Ajmal Kasab lost his composure only at the time of going to the gallows. He said, “Allah maaf karna. Aisi galthi dobara nahi hogi.” (Allah please forgive me. I won’t make a mistake again.” These were his last words when he was being taken to the gallows at the Yerawada central prison on Wednesday. He was saying these words just before the lever was being pulled. A medical team headed by a doctor and district and prison administration officials were present at the time when the hanging took place. He offered no resistance when he was brought to the gallows. His medical examination was conducted around 5 am and he was declared medically and mentally fit for hanging. He remained mostly awake in the previous night and he was asked to get ready at 4 am. He wanted to eat some tomatoes and hence was given the same. He ate only one around 6 am. After eating, he offered namaz, read the Quran.

After pulling the lever, the body was kept hanging for some time until the doctors declared him medically dead and subsequently issued a death certificate. Soon, at 7.46 am, a final message was sent to the Union home ministry about the execution.

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