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Is Google Circles A Hoax?

From past few days a rumor is buzzing around the corner regarding Google’s own social networking site which is anticipated to be launched in the month of May. Whether this is just another hoax or Google actually have planned to keep it secret is under huge speculation. This news stared to flow all over the web from Sunday afternoon onwards, as ReadWriteWeb published news that Google would introduce a network known as Google Circles at SXSW in Austin. However, by late evening, Google denied all rumors and expectations for Circles were dashed.

Certainly, the question arises whether Circles was entirely a rumor or whether Sunday was basically not the day for the launching of the website. All Things D predicts, the news of Circles was an utter lie while the TechCrunch sticks to the idea that it was not fake and Google will reveal its social services sooner or later rather than organizing a big event to launch it.

Google’s official Chris Messina, stated in an interview that he “didn’t know what [the story] was talking about.” He restates what Google executives have previously said more than a few times – Google will integrate social features into its existing products, but at this moment it has no plans to build a formal social network.

TechCrunch also reports “The product details [RWW] got were fairly correct, though, from what I’ve heard from sources who’ve seen Google’s product iterations over the last few months,” the blog wrote. “Google will focus a lot on groups of friends and how you share with them, and try to differentiate themselves from Facebook in this and other ways.”


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