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Jewish Holidays 2010 Start With Happy Hanukkah

With the sundown this evening, it is the beginning of happy Hanukkah for the Jews. This is the time when the Jewish holidays 2010 start with happy Hanukkah. Jewish holidays are generally based on ancient Hebrew calendar and it differentiates the leap year from the secular calendar.Hanukkah is supposed to begin on the 25th day of the German month of Kislev and the celebration marks the victory of light over darkness.

In Hebrew language, the meaning of the word Hanukkah is ‘dedication’. It symbolizes the rededication of the Holy Temple in Jerusalem which was destroyed in the Syrian Greek rule during the 2nd century BC. The story says that they found very little oil to light the menorah of the temple. The miraculous part of the story is that the menorah continued to burn for eight long days. Hence the ritual of lighting one candle per night during the Hanukkah started.

The Jewish community in Berlin has come up with a 20 ft tall menorah for Hanukkah 2010 and it has been made against the backdrop of Brandenburg Gate. There are nine candles in this menorah and the Brandenburg Gate seems to represent Germany just as Statue of Liberty represents America.

The spot is a historic backdrop for anti Semitic activities of the Nazis and is a history to the perishing of 200,000 German Jews during the holocaust. The Jews will celebrate during the next eight days with lots of food and fun among themselves. Hanukkah is hence also known as the festival of lights.

Happy Hanukkah songs will be sung during this time as the entire community will start celebrations. We wish all the Jews in this world a very happy Hanukkah 2010. Below is a music video of happy Hanukkah 2010 songs.

Send Hanukkah Greetings Cards Online Your Well Wishers.

See the video for Happy Hanukkah songs

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