Sweet Memories That Never Fades…Michael Jackson

The mystery behind the death of world pop star Michael Jackson has brought the entire country to standstill. He was quirky and freaky rock star who ruled the nation with his melodious harp and charmed the audience. However his unjustified death has aroused rumors and controversy on his various link ups. It was the matter of dispute and the entire convicted are still kept in trail as most of the misleading questions is popping up in between.


It was even said that a bag full of peppermint candy was handed over by the AEG lawyers and even the story goes that Katherine Jackson has reportedly enjoyed. The rumors proved that both the parties were on terms of compromise as each sides are to give a treat and settle the under table tiffs. But the objection was raised from the lawyer fighting this law suit for deceased Michael Jackson. Though the reference of the candy controversy proves to be futile but the promoters and producers who were in charge of organizing Jackson’s concert are held to be the convicts in trial of Michael’s death and the votes are high for AEG live.


This company are being legally sued by Jackson’s family for the making Dr. Conrad Murray the consultant physician of ailing Jackson. Murray required high profile job role with great packages and AEG is liable for their sheer negligence to support Jackson and monitor his medication during the treatment process. However still the entire episode of Michael Jackson death is shrouded in mystery and the true reason has not been proved as of now.



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