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Indian Hostages May Be Used As Line Of Defence, Fears Government

Situation tend to worsen in Iraq as the government presumes that the 39 Indian construction workers who were abducted from north Iraq on June 15 may be used as human shields when there is a confrontation with the US army or the Iraqi counterparts. There were 40 workers who were snatched from their work place by the ISIS militants. Out of them only one, Harjit Singh, successfully fled from the captivity and is now in the safe custody of the Kurdish authorities.

Harjit said the officials that he somehow managed to melt in to a group of Bangladeshis and jumped over a barbed wire fence and fled successfully. According to him, he and others were used as porters and cooks by the captors. The government authorities believe that the abductees were used as porters only to carry weapons.

Though little is known about the others, the government is more worried as there is a common speculation among all of its authorities that the Indians may be used by the Levants and the Islamic State as the first line of defence during confrontation.

The Indian government too is in touch with Singh who apparently seems to be traumatised by the incident he had to face.

The government continues to work in union with other countries and various organisation to bring back safely the abductees. However the task seems to be a little troublesome as the ISIS continually keep on changing the location of the kidnapped Indians, making the process of tracking them a bit tricky. Moreover the group is presumed to be in or around Mosul, an area completely under control of the ISIS.

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