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Illinois Flood Threat Causes Mayor To Order Evacuation

Illinois in the state of Ohio is expected to face the crisis of floodwaters in the next fewdays. The Mississippi river is overflowing and the mayor expects that in obedience tohis order, the city will be evacuated of people as soon as possible. He has specificallyasked old and ailing people and people residing in one-storeyed house to leave inattempt to escape the floods. In lieu of this threat, the US Army Corps of Engineershave taken the decision to demolish one of the levees of the Mississippi river in orderto prevent a flood. Legally this is quite probable since a law of 1928 permitted thedemolition of a levee in to relieve the pressure on the Mississippi river.
The whole plan of demolishing a levee would cause floods too but in the southeastern region which is an evacuated area of farmlands. The Birds point new MadridFloodway will serve as an excellent safety valve in the current situation. Through thisfloodway the whole water of the flood can directly flow out. In any case naturallythis would have happened but with the help of the floodway this process happensmuch faster thus clearing the region of the water as soon as possible. Moreover,with the floodway the water can be directed out in a more controlled manner. As Limbaugh defends that this plan is in no way taken in a capricious or arbitrarymanner. However, it will be put into action only for the welfare of the citizens in thedirest circumstances.

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